These Beasts are Plucking Awesome!

Check out these absurdly awesome mini-geets that blend pop culture influences with "steampunk flavor", which is about all the metal a ukelele is good for. Here're just a few awesome examples:
  1. The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em (aka Robolele): An homage to the old-school boxing toy, the maple body is cut in the shape of a dukes-up stance, while his robotic dome sits atop the neck, suggesting he's constantly fretting.
  2. The Pac-Man (aka Paculele): The sound hole on this joint serves as Pac-Man's eye, while the head resembles his terrifyingly named mortal enemy Blinky.
  3. The Autobot: Its unfinished maple body is cut to resemble the symbol of the iconic outer-space-robot good guys (with two angled, eyebrow-esque slits on either side serving as the sound holes), though sadly even a ukelele that looks this awesome won't be able to transform you into someone who can play one.
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