Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye Cover)

ANOTHER fantastic cover version of this song. Thanks to @possumcowboy for pointing it out to me. I can't get enough of this song!!


Somebody That I Used To Know

Before today, I had never heard the song Somebody That I Used to Know, or of the artist that sings it for that matter. But then late this afternoon, Rachel posted a cover version by Pentatonix on her blog. (Ironically, I know and love Pentatonix. They won last season's The Sing-Off reality TV competition.) I watched the Pentatonix video and immediately fell in love with the song.

A short while after that, I was watching tonight's episode of Glee and guess what song I heard? You betcha!! Somebody That I Used to Know!!!

So now I had heard two very different cover versions of the song but had still not yet heard the original, so I looked it up on YouTube.

Now, I am in love with three different versions of the song and I don't know which one I love the most! So I'm going to post them here for you to watch & listen. Which one do you like the best? The least? Or do you not like the song at all?

What I do know is that all three versions are going on my MP3 player because I just can't decide!

Original Gotye version