Top 10 Mistakes People Make In Zombie Movies

Almost all of these mistakes can be applied equally to any horror/alien/demon infestation scenario. But since this is Zombie Command, we will stick with what we all know and love… zombies, the walking dead, the infected. Whatever you want to call them they are what we are about here and the movie industry has over the years made several excellent movies about the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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  1. The best zombie advice i ever read was from Max Brook's survival guide: Stay out of lakes. There's a whole other level of terror when you think about how many zombies may be stuck underwater, just walking around, not able to figure out how to get out. Gives me shivers just thinking about it...

  2. Great... no more swimming in lakes for me!! Thanks John!! :{

  3. Can you imagine how many zombies could get stuck in the great lakes? Or walk up the chicago river from lake michigan?


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