Nutritional Goals

Today I came thisclose to hitting all of my daily nutritional goals. I actually had lots of room to breathe with my calories and carbs. I hit the top end of my fat limit so I'll try to work on that a bit, but the biggest thing I'm having trouble with is getting enough protein! I'll have to find something to give me that little extra bit I need without putting me over the edge with everything else. Any suggestions??


  1. Greek yogurt, nuts, hummus, tuna (can mix tuna and hummus together - no mayo...yum), ovaltine, egg whites (makes a fabulous omelet w/lots of veggies and sprinkle of cheese) whey protein shakes blended w/fruit, natural peanut butter or nut butter, almond milk...

  2. Great ideas from Rhonda... another way I get a big helping of protein is the EAS shakes. They taste pretty good and have 17g protein. It's 3 pts on WW. Cal: 110, Total fat: 3g, Protein 17g, Fiber 1g, Total Carb: 4g
    I don't like eating first thing in the morning, so this gives me something easy. Making your own smoothies is a great idea too if you add the whey or soy protein.


Your thoughts?