A song for Emma Hoolin

My friend Rachel was asked to record a special song for Emma called “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. She then created a YouTube video of the song.

The recording took place today at Bridgnorth Endowed school in the UK where Rachel lives. Two teachers at the school heard about what she wanted to do and they stayed late after their working day had ended. They gave their time and expertise absolutely free of charge. (Thank you!)

It is our hope that the YouTube video drives thousands of people to Emma’s site to donate or to help raise funds for this brave and amazing little girl.   You can find out more here and donate at the page Rachel set up here or at the main donation page here.


Jem & the Holograms Creator Reflects on Her "Truly Outrageous" Animated Series

Those of us who grew up watching Jem and The Holograms were forever changed. Jem had pink hair and was a rock star and she was also secretly running her own music company and helping orphans. Plus, the villains she faced were awesome: Pizzazz was a bossy bitch who made her first appearance by riding into an office on a motorcycle shaped like an electric guitar. How could you watch a show like Jem in your formative years and not come out a little more empowered and a lot more into neon pink?

Blogger's note:  Oddly enough, the two videos attached to this article are of The Misfits, Jem & the Holograms arch enemies.  Go figure...

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera


The Avengers (2012) Official Teaser Trailer


Dragon Age: Redemption - Episode 1: Tallis

What do you get when you combine a sword and sorcery RPG, a web series and Felicia Day? If you said The Guild, you wouldn't be wrong, but that's not what we meant. Dragon Age: Redemption premiered today on Machinima and stars Felicia as Tallis, an Elvish assassin trying to redeem herself for past mistakes.

10 Films That Should Absolutely Never Get CGI Remakes

With the remake of John Carpenter’s The Thing opening this week and with Hollywood looking more and more to the past for inspiration, Flavorwire.com has listed the 10 films they believe should left "as is".

See their list and watch clips from these "untouchable" movies here.


Please help Emma Hoolin (UPDATED)

Emma is a four year old girl who in February 2011 was diagnosed with HIGH RISK NEUROBLASTOMA, this is a rare form of CANCER that mainly affects children under five years old.

Emma has been undergoing aggressive treatment at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital since February 2011 the course of treatment ends in October, then she needs a further six months of immunotherapy. To have the best chance of survival Emma needs to have treatment in the U.S.A. the cost of this is in excess of  £210,000 ($330,855) depending on any extra treatment she may need.

Emma is very important to a close friend of mine, which makes this cause that much more important to me.  A group of friends and I are trying to help raise money for Emma's treatment.  Please help anyway you can, whether it be by donating or by simply spreading the word. Whatever you can do to help would be very much appreciated by Emma, her family, my friend and me.

Emma needs to start her treatment in the USA by the 19th of November 2011. So, this is literally a race against time! Please help us help her!

Thank you.

PS.  If you are a Scott Sigler Junkie, please see here.