Share Some Soul: 2012 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

I love these hamsters!!!


Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs

Boy, did I need a good laugh today!! I have been in a bad mood since I woke up this morning, so I really needed something to brighten my day. I'm sending a great big "thank you" and "smoochies" to my friend Kevin M. for posting this on G+.

Most of these signs were designed to help people — to get where they're going, to find a pet, to avoid grievous bodily harm — and yet some writing-utensil-wielding wise-asses felt compelled to come along and totally deface them. You'll be so glad they did.

Almost all of these signs are really funny, but I think this one is my favorite!


Why Some E-Books Cost More Than the Hardcover

E-books priced more than their print edition?  How could this possibly be? Paper costs more than electrons, so surely e-books should be cheaper, right?

Believe it or not, this isn't a glitch. And it's not happening because publishers are asleep at the wheel either.  Come down the rabbit hole with me into the wholesale/agency tunnel, and find out why this is happening.

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