The Power of Prayer

In about 6 hours, my very good friend Rachel will be having double knee surgery.  If you know Rachel, you may have already sent her your well-wishes.  But if you haven't, please feel free to flood her Twitter, FB and G+ streams with your thoughts and prayers for successful surgeries and a speedy recovery.

If you don't know Rachel, I can tell you that she is extremely nervous, as anyone would be under these circumstances.  She has two small boys at home and a loving husband who is going to do his best to take care of everyone until she's back on her feet, literally.  So even if you don't know her, it would mean a lot to me, and to Rachel and her family, if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  If you wish, you can leave comments for Rachel here and I'll be sure to pass them along to her.

Thanks from all of us!


Your thoughts?