The All-Pro has arrived!!!!

Awww yeah! Look what I got! #s 24 & 25! My inscription is a little spoilerific (OMFDO!) so I covered it.


Six Flags Announces New Coaster for 2012

I'm going to Vegas in December!!!

I've been talking about it and talking about it, but I finally took the plunge and bought airline tickets today!!!  From December 9th thru 12th, I'm going to be staying with my very good friends, JP & Steph, who have been gracious enough to invite me into their house, offer their guest room to me and show me the sights and sounds of Vegas!  I am SO excited and the next three months are going to be longest ever!!!


New Mike Tompkins A Capella Cover

Forever by Chris Brown

A Day at the Museum of Science and Industry

Picture-taking wasn't allowed inside the Body Worlds exhibit, but this giraffe was just outside the entrance.



And here's a couple of short but cool videos I recorded...


I took the day off tomorrow to appreciate the human body...

quite literally, from the inside out!  Some friends and I are going to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Body World's exhibit.  I've seen the exhibit a couple of times already but it never fails to fascinate me.  I can't wait to see what's new this year!

DWTS Season 13 Cast Announcement

I'm not really impressed with the cast this year.  I guess we'll see what happens...
  1. Ricki Lake - Actress/Talk Show Host
  2. Ron Artest - L.A. Lakers
  3. Kristin Cavallari - The Hills Star
  4. Chyna Phillips - Wilson Phillips Singer
  5. David Arquette - Actor
  6. Carson Kressley - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  7. Nancy Grace - Former Prosecutor/Crime Commentator
  8. J.R. Martinez - War Hero/Soap Star
  9. Hope Solo - US Women's Soccer Team
  10. Rob Kardashian - Reality TV Star
  11. Elisabetta Canalis - International Actress/Model
  12. Chaz Bono - Sonny & Cher's only child

How big can a worm be and still be a worm?

Patron Tequila (Explicit)

We got to talking about tequila on Twitter and I confessed that I am a Patron Girl through and through. And that reminded me of this video!

My own personal pop star!

It's no secret I love Adele, but most recently I've been infatuated with her song "Set Fire to the Rain". My friend Rachel is a fabulous singer and I asked her to record a cover version of the song for me. She did and here it is.


Coca-cola Cupcakes with Glaze

I haven't tried them yet, but I've heard nothing but good things and they look absolutely delish!!  I might give them a go sometime this week.

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