Björk - "Army of Me"

Some of my friends think I have weird tastes in music. I just like to think I'm eclectic.

Stomp Out Loud

I've seen Stomp live several times. It's an awesome show and I'd see it again if it ever comes back to town.

Swear Jar

This is not a music video but it's hilarious. Enjoy!

Ronald Jenkees - "Throwing Fire"

Another very talented musician, in my opinion.

I'm in the mood for some music videos

I think it's time to showcase another Mike Tompkins video. For this one I chose his A Capella cover of Rihanna's "Only Girl". The video might make you a little dizzy, but I love the "twist" he puts on the song.  (See what I did there?? ;-)

THE ALL-PRO arrives at Dark Øverlord Media!

Just a few quick shots of the "first in the wild" copy of THE ALL-PRO.

Haven't ordered a copy yet? Just click on through to get yours NOW!

What's that you say?  You need the WHOLE SET???  Well, there's a link for that too!

Interested in other books by Scott Sigler?  No worries!  I can help you out with that also!  Just click here or here.

Now you have no excuses!  WELL.... what are you waiting for?!


NERO - Kitty vs. Fabrics

The more I watch this, the funnier it gets!


Assault with a deady... dildo?!?!?

A Florida woman is facing a felony domestic violence charge after she allegedly tried to strike her girlfriend last night with a “female sex toy,” according to a police report.

The 15 Tallest Buildings In The World

Chicago has 2 out of 15 and is the ONLY American city on the list!!


Chicago. My kind of town!

If you've ever wanted to see Chicago but just haven't had the chance yet, this gorgeous tilt-shift time-lapse of the city, taken by WGN TV, is proof that you need to do it soon.  For your viewing pleasure, be sure to watch the video in full-screen mode.

Sex and the City to Return for a Seventh Season?

Sex and the City, the successful franchise that originally ran for six seasons on HBO before becoming two feature-length films, might be returning to television for a seventh season.

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