Family Reunion

I had an amazing time catching up with my Dad's side of the family today, most of whom I haven't seen since Dad passed in 2004.  I don't want another 7 years to go by without seeing my family again!  Many of us live very close, too close to not spend more time together!  And we WILL spend more time together from now on!!  I won't have it any other way!!

"The Cousins"
Laura, Guy, Tiana, me & Johnny

Guy Carl & Johnny

Rich, Uncle Tom, Guy, Tiana, me, Johnny, Jenny & extended family
Laura, Melanie, Guy Carl & Auntie Toni

Jenny, Johnny & me

Guy Carl, Tiana & Melanie

Johnny, Guy & me

Guy & me (the oldest cousins)

Johnny, Guy, Auntie Toni, me, Laura & Tiana


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