"That Week" by Rachel Guestford

My friend Rachel is uber talented. I'm sure you've all heard one or two of her vocal performances before, as I've posted some here in the past.

But now, she's writing and podcasting her very first story, and let me tell you - IT'S REALLY GOOD!!

All of the episodes she has recorded to date can be found here. Be warned, the story is dark, spooky and a little creepy even, but all in a good way! So please give it a listen and tell her what you think of her story so far.  While you're there, check out the rest of her site too.

Rihanna's 'We Found Love' - New Album Due Nov. 21

Rihanna goes clubbing in "We Found Love," the singer's new Calvin Harris-produced track off her just-announced sixth album. Thumping beats, airy vocals and repetitive synth keyboard riffs punctuate the upbeat dance jam.

Read more and listen to the track >>>


Ain't it the truth?!


Please help Emma Hoolin (UPDATED)

Emma is a four year old girl who in February 2011 was diagnosed with HIGH RISK NEUROBLASTOMA, this is a rare form of CANCER that mainly affects children under five years old.

Emma has been undergoing aggressive treatment at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital since February 2011 the course of treatment ends in October, then she needs a further six months of immunotherapy. To have the best chance of survival Emma needs to have treatment in the U.S.A. the cost of this is in excess of  £210,000 depending on any extra treatment she may need.

Emma is very important to a close friend of mine, which makes this cause that much more important to me.  A group of friends and I are trying to help raise money for Emma's treatment.  Please help anyway you can, whether it be by donating or by simply spreading the word. Whatever you can do to help would be very much appreciated by Emma, her family, my friend and me.

Emma needs to start her treatment in the USA by the 19th of November 2011. So, this is literally a race against the time! Please help us help her!

Thank you.

New music from Mike Tompkins!!!

“The turd step?!”

There is a new pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars and his name is Tristan MacManus.  He's from Dublin, Ireland and has a very thick accent.  A very sexy accent, if you ask me!

This clip, however, is not sexy at all, but it is funny as hell!  Language barriers sometimes make for hilarious situations.  (Isn't that right, Rachel?)

Start the clip at about 1:20.  You'll only need to watch 15 seconds or so.  :)

Don't buy Ford!

My best friend Krissy has been having trouble with the paint on her Ford Escape peeling off. After doing a little research (and having her car repainted TWICE), she found out she was not the only Ford owner experiencing this problem. After making some inquiries, she was asked to do an interview about the situation. This news story aired on our local NBC network last night. (For those of you who don't know her, Krissy is the one in the pink top.)


Netflix To Split DVD & Streaming Services Into Separate Businesses

An Explanation and Some Reflections:  It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt [Netflix] lacked respect and humility in the way [Netflix] announced the separation of DVD and streaming, and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology. I’ll try to explain how this happened.