Take Your TV Shows & Movies to Go with PlayLater

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PlayLater is an application that lets you record streaming video services (available services) and take those recordings with you for playback on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Like other DVRs, PlayLater records video in real time, meaning a 30-minute show takes 30 minutes to record, or save, to your computer. Once the recording is complete, you have an MP4-format video that you can view on any device that can play an MP4 file, including iOS and Android devices. However, you can't watch the video while it's recording and you can't record more than one video at a time. Also, because PlayLater is recording in real time and doesn't have access to the original movie file, the file size of the recordings is very large—assume 250-500 MB per half-hour of recording.

For most subscription services like Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, you'll need to be a subscriber to access the content. You simply supply your account name and password in the PlayLater settings and you're good to go.

Transferring videos to mobile devices
For Android devices, transferring your recorded shows is easy. You simply connect your device to your computer and then drag and drop the files into the default folder for videos.

If you have an iOS device, you can install the PlayLater app (free in iTunes) and sync your recordings through iTunes . You just need to connect your device, go to the “Apps” tab and add the files in the “File Sharing” section. And video playback is enhanced in the app by 15 second skip forward and 5 second skip back buttons.

Video quality
PlayLater will record in whatever resolution the video is streamed, so you can record in HD when available. However, video quality is highly dependent on how good your Internet connection is. Many streaming services will reduce the quality of videos to accommodate a slow connection. So HD, or even standard definition streams, can look pixelated and noisy at times—even within one show.

You can purchase a lifetime subscription to PlayLater $39.99 or pay $19.99 per year. (Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.)

Should you buy it?
If you travel and want to watch video where there’s no or slow access to the Internet, PlayLater provides a very cost-effective alternative to purchasing content. You won’t get the same quality as you would if you purchased a show or movie through iTunes or Amazon, but the quality is certainly at least watchable, and often very good.

New Simon's Cat video - Feed Me

New Simon's Cat video!!!


Why Aren't There More Android Apps?!

~From TheInquirer.net and Engadget.com

The two leading rivals, Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems accounted for a record 92 percent of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2012, Strategy Analytics has revealed.

The research firm's latest statistics show that in the fourth quarter of 2012, Android and iOS boasted 70.1 and 22 percent of the smartphone market, respectively - a total of 92.1 percent of the global smartphone market.

Android claimed 70 percent of world market share!!!

So, this being the case, can anyone tell me why developers are still creating some apps for iOS only?!  Wouldn't it make more sense to create apps for the MARKET SHARE LEADER as well???

I am a loyal Android user (if you couldn't already tell...) and I can't tell you how much it upsets me to see an app advertised somewhere, only to find out that it's not available for Android!  Why would you alienate 70% of the market?!?!?

App creators, you need to fix this, and PRONTO!!!



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