Friday Fix: The DØM Year in Review

As has become the tradition at Dark Øverlord Media, Scott Sigler and A Kovacs sat down in December to chat about the year gone by, the upcoming SuperBowl Saturday sales event and the year ahead, etc.

2012 was a big year for DØM. Two tours, five stories published, the second annual SiglerFest, Baby McButter as a cake, just so many great things.

In this episode, there are a meeeeelion Junkie shoutouts (me included!), info on upcoming Con appearances, new book release info (eBook, audiobook, hardcover and paperback), and even a spoiler or two (squeee!).  So, to hear about all the goings-on in the Siglerverse - past, present and future - make sure to listen all the way to very end!  Don't make me send Grand Mafioso Scott Pond after you!!!

That sure as f*ck ain't no cow!


  1. *Cracks Knuckles* Yar! You don't want Don Pond coming after y'all. Give it a listen now!


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