Family Reunion Part 2

Friday night, we went out to dinner to spend a little more time together before my aunt and cousin flew back to California.  It was especially nice to have my mom, brother, his fiance and my nephew there since they couldn't make it last weekend.

After dinner some of us went to a bar to hear a band play and shoot some pool.  It was great to have that time to bond with my cousins after having not seen each other for so long.  But it made it even harder to say goodbye to my aunt & cousin the next morning.  I miss them both so much already!

Starting at left, working up and around: Gino, Guy Carl, Johnny,
Jenny, Angela, Rich, Uncle Tom, Auntie Toni, Tiana & Guy

Starting at left, working up and around: Auntie Toni, Tiana,
Guy, Mom, Nick, Jena, Gino, Guy Carl, Johnny & Jenny
Tiana & I


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