Today's the day!

It's One Bad Mutha's Day for Scott Sigler fans!  Scott and Dark Øverlord Media are releasing their first eBook-only product -- a short story collection called BLOOD IS RED.

For $.99, you can get seven old favorites from the BLOODCAST podcast -- updated and polished -- and a brand-new novella called "Hunter Hunterson & Sons."

Scott Sigler invented the "Amazon Rush" and wants to do it again. Head over to Amazon.com at 9 am Pacific, noon Eastern, and help push Scott up the best-seller list.

BLOOD IS RED is available for $.99 only on Amazon through May 21.  On May 22, the price goes up to $2.99 and will also be made available in all eBook channels.

You don't even need an eBook reader to participate. Check out the free Kindle apps for your computer or smart phone. Download and install, then you too can be part of One Bad Mutha's Day!


  1. Thanks for reminding me :) I'll be there ready to buy!


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