American Idol Results 5/12/11

To say I was disappointed in the results last night would be an understatement! Although I'm happier than a pig in shit that Haley and Lauren made it into the Top 3, it should have been Scotty that got voted off instead of James.

It's not that I don't like Scotty, although the creepy way he holds the mic and the way he always cocks his head to the side when he sings bugs me, but he hasn't had any stand-out moments. IMO, all his performances are exactly the same in intensity. They even sound the same - and yet, like Jacob, the judges are always raving about them.

And that's where I think the problem lies... with the judging panel. Stephen Tyler has taken over Paula's old position of complementing the contestants on how they look and making completely unintelligible comments about their performances. Jennifer Lopez's critiques are wishy-washy and unhelpful. She didn't even perform her own song LIVE on the show. It was a recorded performance that took several takes to get right, however, the producers played it off to the TV viewers as if it were a live performance. How can you take anything she says seriously?! And although I do agree that song choice is important, I could really care less if Randy likes the song or not! The question should be, "How well did they sing the song?". I think the contestants should be singing the type of music they are planning on recording if they are lucky enough to have a music career. Then I can decide if I'm gonna buy their albums or not.

None of the judges have really given any of the contestants any constructive criticism. Look at what happened to Pia the week she took their advice... she got voted off! Not that it seems to have hurt her as she performed on Dancing with the Stars the very next week.

I don't think it'll hurt James either. Like Chris Daughtry, he is a huge fan favorite. Ironically, Chris was also voted off the same performance week as James and he went on to release a highly successful debut album - even more successful than winner Taylor Hick's debut album! Daughtry's second album also did very well and they are currently in the studio recording a third. I see exactly the same thing happening for James Durbin. I know I will be buying his album. How 'bout you?!


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