Sony Sets a Release Date for Resident Evil 6

~From ShockTillYouDrop.com

If you saw Resident Evil: Retribution - the fifth chapter in the series, which grossed $221 million worldwide - you know they've left the door open to at least one more chapter in the series.  

[...] Director Paul W.S. Anderson [...] had mapped out a story for a new trilogy which would carry the franchise into a sixth film, so you know he's ready.  While we don't have a title for that sixth film, there is a confirmed release date...

ShockTillYouDrop.com has learned Sony/Screen Gems has set a debut date for September 12, 2014 which means Anderson and star Milla Jovovich will likely begin shooting the new film this fall.

Story-wise, no details have been released, but when we last saw Jovovich's Alice, she was at the White House and facing a rather large threat with Wesker by her side.


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