“Locke & Key” to Come to Glorious Cinematic Life

~From Nerdist.com

The tales from Joe Hill's Keyhouse are going to be coming to a theater near you thanks to the brass at Universal. But before it was destined for the silver screen, Locke and Key was originally going to TV.

Fox optioned the pilot and got a respectable cast to join on, including Nick Stahl. The pilot aired during a special screening at San Diego Comic-Con International to rave reviews. When Fox passed on the series they cited the show's high production cost as the reason for holding back.

Universal now has its eyes on the series to turn it into a film trilogy penned by screenwriting duo (and Locke & Key producers) Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Here's the trailer based on Fox's television adaption of Locke & Key.  It is still unknown if Universal will choose to re-cast for the trilogy or use the cast from the Fox's pilot.


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