It's about FREAKING time!

Finally, Jacob Lusk was sent packing on American Idol!  I never understood what the judges saw (or heard) in him and the longer he remained on the show, the more he made me want to stick a hot poker in one ear and pull it out the other.  Thankfully, it looks as though I won't have to do that now.  *phew*

So, the top four are Scotty and my three personal favorites, James, Lauren and Haley.  I admit, I was slow to jump on the Haley bandwagon, even though her hometown is only about 45 minutes from where I live.  James has been my pick to win since the 1st live show, but IMO Haley has gotten progressively better over the weeks and now I think she's the dark horse to win this competition.

Until next week...


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