Rash - An Illustrated Novella

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Rash, Wyoming.

A quiet town, made up of simple, quiet folk. A town where children still play outside until dark. A town where everyone knows everyone else. A town that still believes in the innate goodness of people. A town that has the unfortunate fate of being only twenty miles from the Nebraska border town of Stark.

Rash, Wyoming.

A town that will bleed like no town has ever bled before.

But, in Rash is a man that knows the evils of Stark and knows why the violent horror that has left its streets filled with blood is now spilling over into the bucolic paradise of Rash. And this man, the man from Rash, will be shoulders deep in that blood before he can set things right. But, will his blood be part of that river of death? Will he set things right? Or will the bloody violence from Stark take him down?

Author Jake Bible, the mind that brought you DEAD MECH, The Americans and Bethany And The Zombie Jesus, now brings you the second of three illustrated tales of sociopathic horror and violence. Rash takes the horror and violence of Stark and turns it into a whirlwind of terror and bloodshed which will leave you wishing you’d never turned the pages.

Be warned, Rash shouldn’t be read. Rash shouldn’t have been written. Rash shouldn’t be allowed to soil the landscape of American literature.

Rash should be banned, burned and wiped off the face of the planet.


Hey, All!

Yep, time for the second installment in this series. I like to think of Rash as Norman Rockwell as imagined by Quentin Tarantino. Townfolk is gonna die!

This time around I am seeking a little more funding. I have a new illustrator lined up (there will be a different one on each of the three stories) and what he has planned will take a little more man hours and sweat to accomplish. I want to make sure he gets paid every penny he's due. Check out his previous work here. You'll see why I don't want to hurry him.

If you aren't sure what is going on with Rash then please check out the page for Stark, the first in the series. It was fully funded and very well received by the backers. This second installment keeps the blood a'flowin'!


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